Location 1930

Descendants of George & Mary LILLIE. Locations are generally in Sydney. This large family might illustrate community patterns.

Bankstown, Cesco, Warwick Street

LILLIE, George Gordon (Line Foreman) 3/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE

LILLIE Rebecca nee LIVERMORE (Home Duties) spouse of George Gordon

Coogee, 5 Avalon Flats, Arcadia Street [also Clovelly, 7 Winchester Road (Home Duties)]

CHRISTISON Flora nee FLETCHER (Cashier) daughter-in-law of Sophia Jean

Bexley, 3 Albyn Street

MITCHELL Evelyn Lucy (Typiste) daughter of Martha Agnes

MITCHELL, Francis Cummings (Bootmaker) spouse of Martha Agnes

MITCHELL Lillie Frances (Stenographer) daughter of Martha Agnes

MITCHELL Martha Agnes (Home Duties) nee LILLIE

Crows Nest, 144 Alexander Street 

LILLIE Alice Kate (Home Duties) nee MURRAY spouse of John Kidd

LILLIE John Kidd (Clerk) 5/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE

Enfield, 57 Portland Street

LILLIE Frederick William 6/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE

NOAKES Myra Winifred nee LILLIE (Home Duties) daughter of Frederick William

Lewisham, Leith, 6 Eltham Street

CHRISTISON Sophia Jean nee LILLIE 1/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE

WATSON George Howard son-in-law of Sophia Jean (Agent)

WATSON, Isobel Hampton nee CHRISTISON (Hairdresser) daughter of Sophia Jean

Marrickville, 5 McGowan Avenue

LILLIE Arthur Bruce Elliott (Clerk) 8/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE

LILLIE Annie Tryphenia (Home Duties) spouse of Arthur Bruce Elliott

LILLIE Ralph Bruce Elliott (Labourer) son of Arthur Bruce Elliott

Marrickville, 72 John Street

HALLMANN Edward Francis (Teacher) spouse of Lillie Violet

HALLMANN Lillie Violet nee CHRISTISON (Home Duties) daughter of Sophia Jean


Shellharbour, Public School residence

CHRISTISON Roy Hampton (Teacher) son of Sophia Jean

CHRISTISON Ada nee HUNTER wife of Roy Hampton

Waterloo, 90 Wellington Street

LILLIE Mary (Home Duties) 2/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE

Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth

LILLIE William Septimus (1876-1924) Presbyterian Section (Post Master General’s Department) 9/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE


Northern Suburbs Crematorium?

CHRISTISON David Belford (1884-1923) son of Sophia Jean

Waverly Cemetery

LILLIE Charles Edward (1871-1897) Pneumonia 7/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE

LILLIE Thomas Collier (1864-1901) Pneumonia (Monumental Mason) 4/10 children of George & Mary LILLIE





Martha Agnes Lillie 1878-1959

Registrar General's Office 1878
In 1878 this building was the Registrar General’s Office and residence of the Office Keeper George Lillie and his family.

Martha Agnes Lillie was born 1878 in the residence of her parents George & Mary Lillie: Registrar General’s Office, St. James Road, Sydney. Her birth was registered in the same building, and the informant was her father who was the resident Office Keeper and Caretaker. Witnesses to her birth were A. Howson M.B. and Mrs Sibley. Martha was baptised at St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, Castlereigh Street, on 28 Jul 1878 by the Rev. Robert Steele.

Her parents George and Mary Lillie were born in Aberdeenshire and married in Sydney.

Martha was the youngest of ten children. The first two were girls, Sophia and Mary. Seven boys followed: George, Thomas, John, Frederick, Charles, Arthur and William Septimus. Being the third daughter she was named after her paternal grandmother, Martha Mathers.

At age 24 Martha married bootmaker Francis Cummings Mitchell, at Glenthorne, 144 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, the residence of her brother John Kidd Lillie. They were married by P.A. Dixon of City Temple, Campbell Street. At the time of their marriage Martha’s residence was her parent’s home at Linshart, Wellington Street, Waterloo, and Francis was of Leichhardt.

They raised four girls then a boy at 3 Albyn Street, Bexley.

Francis died in 1956 and Martha in 1959. They were cremated at Woronora.